Jewels on display

Wasting time is of no use to anyone: time is money and we must be able to use it in
I haven't talked to you about my jewels on display for some time. Given these red days and given the
And then the day came when I decided to propose my jewel to an art exhibition, I wasn't sure what
This piece participated in an art exhibition, "Memorie abbandonate", at the Circuiti Dinamici association - Milan - December 2018. Now
The Circuits Dynamics Association of Milan, in February 2019, launched a competition on the theme "Innocence and wonder". Dindalon… "Back
For the "I gioielli dell'anima" competition organized by Progetto Gioiello Comunicazione, inspired by Colson Whitehead's book "The underground railway", I
sognando lo scirocco jewels Prato fiorito : jewel presented in the XIII competition "Redefine the Jewel" - curator Sonia Catena