Jewels on display

Lancio collezione"Foglie nel vento"
Journalistic article on sognando lo scirocco jewels
The work "The colors of happiness by "Sognando lo scirocco jewels" is exhibited at the 2022 VONMO 3rd "Purifying the Soul" exhibition, organized
💚WALLPAPERS BECOME BEAUTIFUL💚 Also this year I wanted to propose my candidacy to the "Road to green" contest and also
But it's me! My heart gallops as I read this article published on Amazing Bari. The magazine tells the beautiful
Wasting time is of no use to anyone: time is money and we must be able to use it in
I haven't talked to you about my jewels on display for some time. Given these red days and given the
Sognando lo Scirocco, he finally found a stable place, a house in which to show the best of himself and
Enterprising, dynamic and self-confident woman. Today I'm talking about Pina, owner of the "Diottoinotto" art gallery. We met in August