“Different scenarios” for the “Premio Incinque” 2023

diversi scenari

This year for the “Incinque Award” 2023 I presented the jewel “Different scenarios”. The “Incinque Jewels Award” is the contest part of the great event “Rome Jewelry Week” and is scheduled for its fourth edition.

It took place in the exceptional archaeological site of the “Mercati di Traiano dei Fori imperiali” in Rome from 13 to 15 October. A perfect combination of history, architecture, design and art.

The theme for the year 2023 was : Second Life. Understood both as a parallel, virtual life and then make a deep reflection on the past to reinterpret the present and imagine the future, both as giving a second life, following the concepts of reuse, recycling, upcycling and sustainability.

mercati di traiano
mercati di traiano

As often happens, the sea has been my inspiration. Below the synopsis : Every day from my favorite rock I see different scenarios, sublime works. Why should I look for something else? You give me shapes, scents and colors. Like the lotus, you are reborn from mud. Man gives you waste, to which I will try to give second life. I recognize that everyone needs to return and receive a second chance.

diversi scenari

For the realization of this jewel the following materials were chosen: x-ray plates carved, glass beads, lurex cotton, silk taffeta fabric, fireplace ash, beached marine wood, cotton yarn, videotape.

Participating in the Jewel Week in Rome is always a wonderful experience, every year you meet new colleagues, new realities and consolidate the relationships already started.

I am really happy to have given birth this year to this important and engaging event

diversi scenari

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