The jewel entitled DNA participated in an exhibition in February / March 2019 “Animus et Anima” at the San Severo al Pendino Complex – Naples – curator: Gina Affinito
The DNA helices are distinct, but information is transmitted and exchanged via hydrogen bonds. What better example than that of chemistry and genetics, in which everything gets mixed up. I imagine the female and male soul as the helix of DNA, it seems that they embrace each other while remaining on their own positions, but in the various bonds of life, information, seen as relationships, randomness, everyday life, exchange each other prevails over the other one prevails the other.
For this necklace, fabrics (black and white) were used, crocheted on an aluminum core, then worked radiological plates, previously carved, with scotch thread and glass beads, all was hand-sewn. (patented model as utility model, no copyright)
weight: 146 gr.
length: 87 cm.
width: 8 cm.
thickness: 2 cm.