“Relations” is a jewel that was exhibited at the “Chinese Mythology” exhibition exhibition at the “Studio Vonmo” in August 2020.InolTre was exhibited in the year 2021 at the Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition Organization.
Free artistic interpretation of Fu XI, one of the three mythical Chinese sovereigns, called “the three Augusti”. Usually it was XI is always intertwined with the tail to her sister Nuwa, but in this jewel the myth has been revisited: the two brothers are represented entirely in the form of snakes and share a single body, which in the end allows them to intertwine the heads.

Since it was the first Chinese civilized hero, I thought the head should be put in the foreground, intertwined with another head to confront, relate. The relationships, bridge between ancient and modern world, between man and contemporary jewel, between divine and profane.

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