The soul is responding

“I colori della felicità di “Sognando lo scirocco jewels

The work “The colors of happiness by “Sognando lo scirocco jewels” is exhibited at the 2022 VONMO 3rd “Purifying the Soul” exhibition, organized by VONMO Contemporary Jewelery – Beijing. These are the first images arriving from China.

Synopsis of the jewel Sognando lo sirocco jewels presented

“Someone said that “our natural condition is happiness, not fear”.

Every day, at every appointment with life, the soul exercises: try to choose serenity rather than fear.

Fear enslaves and makes you make different decisions. My soul is learning on many levels to choose the colors of happiness and serenity.”

幸福的颜色|Anna Paparella (

《he soul is responding

An exhibition out of the ordinary, which touches the soul in the true sense of the word. Based on the value of purification of the soul.

63 works are exhibited in Qinghai. Works of art are equivalent to the “soul” of artists.

 “Purifying the Soul

The artists will have completed the 3rd “Purifying the Soul” only after going through the complete process of extracting the “soul” for creation, screening the “soul”, and finally conducting the “purification” on Qinghai Lake. The VONMO 3rd 2022 “Purifying the Soul” Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition can be regarded as a performance art by the curators. There is no need for people as an audience, but to show the “souls” of the artists to heaven and earth, and to the souls of a higher dimension.

“Through the ‘purification’ of our earthly desires, perhaps we, earthly souls, can return to the beginning of the world, where souls are reborn.”

It is an art and photography performance on Qinghai frozen lake.

On the icy Qinghai Lake after the snow, an area was cleared where the curators, on their body, transported 66 “soul objects” by 66 artists, showing them to heaven and earth with great respect and allowing the voices of the artists to echo above Qinghai Lake. The performance lasted three days. During the whole process, topics concerning “souls” and “life and death” were reflected upon.

The curators believe that art can make an artist’s soul go for eternity!

With this exhibition we did not want to discuss “what contemporary jewels are”, “the boundaries between jewels and the body” or technical things, but to see that, beyond life and death, souls can have a higher level of “great love”, and souls are responding right now.

幸福的颜色|Anna Paparella (

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