rita levi montalcini

I haven’t talked to you about my jewels on display for some time. Given these red days and given the spasmodic desire for exhibitions, today I want to tell you about the Dŏmna exhibition.

At the historic “Bourbon military district” of Casagiove (Caserta), from 7 to 24 March 2019, the preview edition of the national art exhibition called Dŏmna was held, curated by the journalist Laura Ferrante of Caserta.

The event featured artists who placed absolute and reverent attention in the “Woman” and in her essential role in our human society at the center of their creations.

Works by artists who wanted to pay homage to women, each based on their own theme and research.

marie curie

Dŏmna was an annual event that, already in its preview edition, tried to address the problems of women through aesthetics, but with extreme depth and wide-ranging.

I thought of making four jewels that represent four women who have marked their path on this earth throughout history.


Going in order of photos, the four women honored by me are: Rita Levi Montalcini, Marie Curie, Saffo and Coco Chanel.

Rita Levi Montalcini

Her unmistakable hairstyle softly caresses the mind of this great woman. With a discarded USB cable I wanted to represent the scientist’s mind, while, with radiological plates carved and then crocheted with beads and lisle, I gave life to her hairstyle.

Marie Curie

A woman with a tempered character, she gave birth to the discovery of radium. I couldn’t help but pay homage to her, given the nature of my jewelry. The jewel looks like so many overlapping X-ray plates embellished with crochet embroidery with beads and lisle thread.


Amidst intertwined wreaths and whispered poems, Sappho entertains himself with his girls, sprinkling his body with perfumed ointments. In the double circles we find, in part, the symbol of female homosexuality, while in the squiggles I want to remember Sappho’s curls, garlands and draperies of her clothes.

Coco Chanel

The alternation of black and white probably derives from the environment in which she lived her childhood, from the nuns and their dress, but also from the desire to overcome the excesses of the late nineteenth century: the frills, the busts. He has given birth to a new era in fashion, combining elegance and comfort of use. I wanted to dedicate a jewel to her, both because one of her words was used for the contest of the exhibition, and because she was a fashion revolutionary.

Circles of radiological plates alternate with circles of cream-colored beads, to remember the pearls so loved by Coco, and with circles made from video tapes 8.

Three of these jewels are no longer in my possession, only Rita Levi Montalcini remained on display in the shop.

Also this time I was lucky, with the person who bought the other works I have good relations so that I can have news of my women.


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