And then the day came when I decided to propose my jewel to an art exhibition, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I decided that, for myself, I would have to take this little big step.


The curator Gina Affinito of the homonymous gallery in Lecce had organized an art exhibition at the Monumental Complex San Severo al Pendino, in Naples.


The theme of the exhibition was “Animus et Anima”, whose premise was by C. G. Jung, psychoanalyst and anthropologist. A few words, but of an overwhelming delicacy, to which I still think today: “Every man has a woman in himself and every woman has a man in him”.

I thought of this jewel, named DNA, without too much conviction of being selected, being my first art exhibition. When, unexpectedly, I received an email saying that I had returned to the 48 artists, who would exhibit in the suggestive Church of San Severo al Pendino. I couldn’t believe it, I was in seventh heaven, my efforts had been worthily rewarded and I owed it to me, to my creativity and to my resourcefulness.

San Severo al Pendino

You are wondering why I thought about DNA. The DNA helices are distinct, but information is transmitted and exchanged via hydrogen bonds. What better example than that of chemistry and genetics, in which everything mixes and gets confused. I imagine the female and male soul as the DNA helices, embracing each other, while remaining on their own positions.


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