The Circuits Dynamics Association of Milan, in February 2019, launched a competition on the theme “Innocence and wonder”.https://www.circuitidinamici.it/2019/02/10/innocenza-e-meraviglia/

Dindalon… “Back and forth on the swing, I push my arms, legs and back, I look at the world going up and down, it’s here first then it’s gone.” (Nursery rhyme of the swing)

Dindalon… I feel light as silk, with the wind in my hair, but also strong and master of the world for having ousted the adult who refuses to go up. I can touch the sky with a finger and then immediately down to crawl my feet on the ground. I feel my eyes, but it doesn’t matter. In the garden of memories I am the bizarre princess!


On the swing there is an invisible girl, who goes up and down challenging the world and her peers. The child is the result of memories of a time now lost. The flowers represent the garden where the girl feels princess for a fraction of her childish life. The silk cords are the lightness of the moment and the two pearls are royalty. The imposing eye is challenged, in fact it is as if it were subdued by the swing.

“Dindalon” now lives in Bassano del Grappa and is in excellent hands.

I think that every artist, creative, craftsman, having to detach himself from his work, is gratified by the fact that he will one day be able to see it again.

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