Road to green – Rome 23 September 2021

road to green 2021


Also this year I wanted to propose my candidacy to the “Road to green” contest and also this year my candidacy was accepted.

On September 23, 2021, the conference was held in Rome at the Hotel Trustever.

The contest was won by Carlos Miguel Commettant Arrieta, but the jury also awarded special prizes. I too have received some !

The architect and tiktoker Ilaria Tascioni wanted to reward me with “The wallpaper becomes beautiful”, a line of jewelry made by reusing remnants of wallpaper, involving me in a video for Tik Tok. To convince her was the idea of finding new purposes for this material, which usually only serves as a background, making it the protagonist.

road to green 2021

Here is my project:

“After taking care of my radiological plates, other waste materials aroused my interest. By now all my friends know that I am interested in the reuse of waste materials, so one day a friend of mine gave me a deplaint of wallpaper no longer in
trade. I put it aside for a while, because I had
need to process. The idea came: necklaces, earrings,
Circles. Light, ecological and colorful accessories”.

road to green 2021

Anthony Peth, journalist and television presenter, who in the past had been awarded the Road to Green Award, has decided to reward all the finalists present, choosing to create an editorial for the monthly Art and Art, in which he will praise the innovation and creativity of all the projects presented.

In addition, Michelle Marie Castiello, editor of Radio Incontro Donna, will do a 10-minute interview live on the radio with Maria Mirt, creator of “Borsa Fashion Color”, for the concreteness of her project and the contribution it could bring in a green perspective. Given the great value of all the projects presented, Michelle Marie Castiello decided to pay homage to the other finalists with an interview of 3 minutes each.

My participation in Road to green last year brought me a lot of luck, I hope that this year it will be abundant!

road to green 2021

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