Sognando lo scirocco he found a home


Sognando lo Scirocco, he finally found a stable place, a house in which to show the best of himself and dissect all his essence. Many have told me that I am crazy to try my hand at such an important adventure in the historical period we are experiencing, but who decides the canons of madness? What is insanity exactly? I’d like to share with you Goethe’s idea about it:

“Madness, at times, is nothing more than reason presented in a different form”. Goethe

So, simply, each of us formulates thoughts in their own reasoned way, sometimes they are against the tide or, even, contradictory. I love to diversify and follow my reason, which often also takes into account feelings and against everyone and everything I go on overwhelmed by my wind, while my eyes shine with joy.


The house of Sognando lo Scirocco is small, however I feel good when I am there, as if it were truly a new home. As soon as I entered that property, I felt a sense of belonging, an inexplicable bond: I interpreted it as a sign that it was the right one, I shouldn’t have delayed any longer, after seeing dozens of other places that could host me and all my jewels.

It is also very close to my beloved sea …

Now there is a lot of work to be done, but the effort is not felt if in front of you you have such an arduous goal, but so much desired.


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