With a multifaceted character, Cristina is a lover of beauty.

When we first met, before I started making jewelry, what struck me was the care of its appearance, never in an ephemeral way. The search for accessories was and still is determined by a state of pleasure and by those details that appear beautiful to her eyes, which distinguish her and characterize her personality.

She is a woman with a resolute character, strong as the wind and indomitable as the sea.

It is always a pleasure to have a chat with her. I love spending time with people with irony and frankness. Irony that almost always leads to sarcasm, obviously used with praiseworthy skill.

It is useless to underline that certain qualities are possessed by people with strong intelligence.

Gratitude is a feeling that belongs to me, in fact Cristina superbly wears my creations. There are some jewels that claim to be worn only by a fully self-aware woman.

It is in this scenario of multiple talents of my sciroccata lady, that immense satisfaction matures in me.

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