It was the year 2015, at that time to promote my products I participated in fairs and exhibitions around my Puglia <3. At that fair it seemed that everything was going wrong, an infinite number of problems occurred. I wanted to put everything back in the car and go home … but in the meantime I was there and I thought it would have been better to stay anyway.

I was closing, with the lights off. A charming lady from Bari introduces herself who, attracted by my jewels, asks a thousand questions. There was no purchase that evening, but from the day after my #signorasciroccata followed me everywhere <3.

I have in my possession my first bizarre jewels, which many defined pieces for which you had to have courage to wear them, but my lady, of courage, has some to sell!

I’m glad I made her acquaintance: some of my pieces seemed born for her <3.

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