Ricordi sospesi

This piece participated in an art exhibition, “Memorie abbandonate”, at the Circuiti Dinamici association – Milan – December 2018.

Now she is in possession of a lawyer from Bassano del Grappa. The greatest joy is knowing that it is in good hands. I am in constant contact with the lady who bought it, I will always have news of my jewel.


Sometimes the roots bind the human being, other times they are the foundation of the future, it is up to man to discern according to the situations that must be faced. The necklace wants to represent a joint between roots, mind (the circles in the lower part) and memories (photo negatives). The negatives are suspended, because with every little movement and stimulus they take shape, they come to life in the mind. The necklace closes with a cord: it symbolizes the most fickle memory of the human being, of whom we only know that it was pleasant, that of life in the womb, to which an umbilical cord joined us. Closing the necklace is a key, a symbol of the memories that man wants to keep, protect and keep under lock and key.

The moment the necklace is worn I imagine the negatives moving, the roots instead firm and rigid and, fantasizing, I can also see the circles of the mind turn, the key is there, which dangling, invites you to be grasped and used.


the necklace was made by wrapping jute to a metal core to make the roots. As for the mind, in the lower part, rings have been worked with the technique of crochet with glass beads and scotland thread. The circles of the mind are alternated with carved radiological plates. The photographic negatives are worked with a crochet lurex polyester thread until it fits with the cord, which is partly sewn.


Jute, glass beads, cord for curtains, key (recycling), radiological plates, lurex polyester yarn, photographic negatives, aluminum and plastic circles.

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