Prato fiorito

sognando lo scirocco jewels

Prato fiorito : jewel presented in the XIII competition “Redefine the Jewel” – curator Sonia Catena
  Material used: Imprinted and unprinted (virgin) X-ray plates crocheted with glass beads (patented model as utility model, no copyright), cotton, rhinestones, film and metal choker (nickel free).
  Year of realization: 2018
  Project concept: Drawing from the gallery of the Bijou Museum in Casalmaggiore for the creation of the necklace, I was inspired by both the floral-themed “Brooches” and the “Glasses and rhinestones”. Furthermore, since I used a diagnostic test film, I also wanted to refer to the theme “RAI at the museum” in the concept of film.

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