Sognando lo scirocco blows in Polignano 2020

Do not listen to the advice of people, but only those of the wind that passes and tells us the stories of the world. (Claude Debussy)

Among the narrow streets of the historic center of Polignano a Mare there is a small gallery in Via Porto, 83 and like every year, again this year, I will tell you stories of jewels.

This year I decided to devote a little more time also to the small talk since, due to the historical period we went through, I was not able to adequately pamper my sirocco ladies.

Of course, virtually, I have always been present, but the sirocco, being a wind, feels the need for contact, the need to spread whispered words.

Dreaming the Scirocco awaits you from 27 July to 16 August in Via Porto, 83 with lots of news!

polignano a mare
polignano a mare

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