The soul is responding

“I colori della felicità di “Sognando lo scirocco jewels

The work “The colors of happiness by “Sognando lo scirocco jewels” is exhibited at the 2022 VONMO 3rd “Purifying the Soul” exhibition, organized by VONMO Contemporary Jewelery – Beijing. These are the first images arriving from China.

Synopsis of the jewel Sognando lo sirocco jewels presented

“Someone said that “our natural condition is happiness, not fear”.

Every day, at every appointment with life, the soul exercises: try to choose serenity rather than fear.

Fear enslaves and makes you make different decisions. My soul is learning on many levels to choose the colors of happiness and serenity.”

幸福的颜色|Anna Paparella (

《he soul is responding

An exhibition out of the ordinary, which touches the soul in the true sense of the word. Based on the value of purification of the soul.

63 works are exhibited in Qinghai. Works of art are equivalent to the “soul” of artists.

 “Purifying the Soul

The artists will have completed the 3rd “Purifying the Soul” only after going through the complete process of extracting the “soul” for creation, screening the “soul”, and finally conducting the “purification” on Qinghai Lake. The VONMO 3rd 2022 “Purifying the Soul” Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition can be regarded as a performance art by the curators. There is no need for people as an audience, but to show the “souls” of the artists to heaven and earth, and to the souls of a higher dimension.

“Through the ‘purification’ of our earthly desires, perhaps we, earthly souls, can return to the beginning of the world, where souls are reborn.”

It is an art and photography performance on Qinghai frozen lake.

On the icy Qinghai Lake after the snow, an area was cleared where the curators, on their body, transported 66 “soul objects” by 66 artists, showing them to heaven and earth with great respect and allowing the voices of the artists to echo above Qinghai Lake. The performance lasted three days. During the whole process, topics concerning “souls” and “life and death” were reflected upon.

The curators believe that art can make an artist’s soul go for eternity!

With this exhibition we did not want to discuss “what contemporary jewels are”, “the boundaries between jewels and the body” or technical things, but to see that, beyond life and death, souls can have a higher level of “great love”, and souls are responding right now.

幸福的颜色|Anna Paparella (

Road to green – Rome 23 September 2021

road to green 2021


Also this year I wanted to propose my candidacy to the “Road to green” contest and also this year my candidacy was accepted.

On September 23, 2021, the conference was held in Rome at the Hotel Trustever.

The contest was won by Carlos Miguel Commettant Arrieta, but the jury also awarded special prizes. I too have received some !

The architect and tiktoker Ilaria Tascioni wanted to reward me with “The wallpaper becomes beautiful”, a line of jewelry made by reusing remnants of wallpaper, involving me in a video for Tik Tok. To convince her was the idea of finding new purposes for this material, which usually only serves as a background, making it the protagonist.

road to green 2021

Here is my project:

“After taking care of my radiological plates, other waste materials aroused my interest. By now all my friends know that I am interested in the reuse of waste materials, so one day a friend of mine gave me a deplaint of wallpaper no longer in
trade. I put it aside for a while, because I had
need to process. The idea came: necklaces, earrings,
Circles. Light, ecological and colorful accessories”.

road to green 2021

Anthony Peth, journalist and television presenter, who in the past had been awarded the Road to Green Award, has decided to reward all the finalists present, choosing to create an editorial for the monthly Art and Art, in which he will praise the innovation and creativity of all the projects presented.

In addition, Michelle Marie Castiello, editor of Radio Incontro Donna, will do a 10-minute interview live on the radio with Maria Mirt, creator of “Borsa Fashion Color”, for the concreteness of her project and the contribution it could bring in a green perspective. Given the great value of all the projects presented, Michelle Marie Castiello decided to pay homage to the other finalists with an interview of 3 minutes each.

My participation in Road to green last year brought me a lot of luck, I hope that this year it will be abundant!

road to green 2021

Amazing Bari

amazing Bari

But it’s me!


My heart gallops as I read this article published on Amazing Bari. The magazine tells the beautiful stories of Baristas that stand out in life, work and passions.

amazing Bari

The feeling is to find myself, for mysterious reasons, in the middle of a fairy tale like those that are told to children and that no one believes true. Reading something about me is fairytale!

When it all started, I never thought I’d end up in such a niche magazine, “the magazine for those who pride itself on being Bari.”

amazing bari

I thank Amazing Puglia and its distinguished director Fabio Mollica for the attentions addressed to my shop and my passions.

amazing bari
amazing bari


onda su onda

Wasting time is of no use to anyone: time is money and we must be able to use it in the best possible way.

Since these days I will have more time to dedicate myself to the web and social networks, I resume to collect my jewels presented at the various exhibitions and competitions. Jewels of which I will be eternally proud and which have indirectly and unkkmentedly formed the me of the present.

Today it is the turn of “Onda su Onda”, presented at the 15th international exhibition of works made with waste and waste materials, named “Riarteco”. This exhibition was itinerant and moved between Genoa, Siena, Rome and Naples. For me this was a very important exhibition both from a sentimental point of view and from a purely work point of view. Inside me I keep a wonderful memory of the participation in this event. For the first time I felt gratified by my incessant work, receiving hearty compliments.

In this jewel I represented the sea and its waves, which fascinate me so much every time they touch the shoreline. The choice was dictated by the despondency that pervades me in seeing the sea, oceans and land waters torn apart by the devastating polluting action of man and, having been an exhibition dedicated to ecology, I thought it would be a completely fitting theme compared to the occasion.

Oh, poor my sea!

The younger ones do not know the song “Onda su Onda” by Paolo Conte, even if in reality it does not even belong to my generation, but I remember it very well, thanks to my mother who often sang it.

onda su onda

“What a dark night there is… dear me, dear me, what freezing water here, no one will save me anymore, I fell from the ship I fell while on board there was the dance … Wave on wave the sea will take me adrift… The shipwreck gave me the happiness you can’t give me.” I’ve been empathized with the words of this song from the ’70s since I chose to work on my radiological plates dating back to when I was just a little girl: I found an artistic aspect to a dark experience of my life. In this regard, the necklace contains light and dark colors, harmonious and dissonant, before and after. In a overlapping of waves, as life does, the necklace closes by joining.

onda su onda

Techniques and materials used:

The necklace was crocheted with carved radiological plates. The buttons, which act as spacers, are vintage. The drawstring is made from a disused Apple cable. The terminals of the necklace, also crocheted, consist of a ring of an old curtain and a bra underwire.


rita levi montalcini

I haven’t talked to you about my jewels on display for some time. Given these red days and given the spasmodic desire for exhibitions, today I want to tell you about the Dŏmna exhibition.

At the historic “Bourbon military district” of Casagiove (Caserta), from 7 to 24 March 2019, the preview edition of the national art exhibition called Dŏmna was held, curated by the journalist Laura Ferrante of Caserta.

The event featured artists who placed absolute and reverent attention in the “Woman” and in her essential role in our human society at the center of their creations.

Works by artists who wanted to pay homage to women, each based on their own theme and research.

marie curie

Dŏmna was an annual event that, already in its preview edition, tried to address the problems of women through aesthetics, but with extreme depth and wide-ranging.

I thought of making four jewels that represent four women who have marked their path on this earth throughout history.


Going in order of photos, the four women honored by me are: Rita Levi Montalcini, Marie Curie, Saffo and Coco Chanel.

Rita Levi Montalcini

Her unmistakable hairstyle softly caresses the mind of this great woman. With a discarded USB cable I wanted to represent the scientist’s mind, while, with radiological plates carved and then crocheted with beads and lisle, I gave life to her hairstyle.

Marie Curie

A woman with a tempered character, she gave birth to the discovery of radium. I couldn’t help but pay homage to her, given the nature of my jewelry. The jewel looks like so many overlapping X-ray plates embellished with crochet embroidery with beads and lisle thread.


Amidst intertwined wreaths and whispered poems, Sappho entertains himself with his girls, sprinkling his body with perfumed ointments. In the double circles we find, in part, the symbol of female homosexuality, while in the squiggles I want to remember Sappho’s curls, garlands and draperies of her clothes.

Coco Chanel

The alternation of black and white probably derives from the environment in which she lived her childhood, from the nuns and their dress, but also from the desire to overcome the excesses of the late nineteenth century: the frills, the busts. He has given birth to a new era in fashion, combining elegance and comfort of use. I wanted to dedicate a jewel to her, both because one of her words was used for the contest of the exhibition, and because she was a fashion revolutionary.

Circles of radiological plates alternate with circles of cream-colored beads, to remember the pearls so loved by Coco, and with circles made from video tapes 8.

Three of these jewels are no longer in my possession, only Rita Levi Montalcini remained on display in the shop.

Also this time I was lucky, with the person who bought the other works I have good relations so that I can have news of my women.


Sognando lo scirocco he found a home


Sognando lo Scirocco, he finally found a stable place, a house in which to show the best of himself and dissect all his essence. Many have told me that I am crazy to try my hand at such an important adventure in the historical period we are experiencing, but who decides the canons of madness? What is insanity exactly? I’d like to share with you Goethe’s idea about it:

“Madness, at times, is nothing more than reason presented in a different form”. Goethe

So, simply, each of us formulates thoughts in their own reasoned way, sometimes they are against the tide or, even, contradictory. I love to diversify and follow my reason, which often also takes into account feelings and against everyone and everything I go on overwhelmed by my wind, while my eyes shine with joy.


The house of Sognando lo Scirocco is small, however I feel good when I am there, as if it were truly a new home. As soon as I entered that property, I felt a sense of belonging, an inexplicable bond: I interpreted it as a sign that it was the right one, I shouldn’t have delayed any longer, after seeing dozens of other places that could host me and all my jewels.

It is also very close to my beloved sea …

Now there is a lot of work to be done, but the effort is not felt if in front of you you have such an arduous goal, but so much desired.




Enterprising, dynamic and self-confident woman.

Today I’m talking about Pina, owner of the “Diottoinotto” art gallery.

We met in August 2019 in my exhibition in Polignano a mare. Obviously Pina was in my beautiful land on vacation.

Being a tourist I could not say much because we did not have a background, but as soon as she entered the gallery her decisive and dynamic character was highlighted. His purchase materialized in an instant.

I wanted to include her among my siroccate ladies because, as often happens to me, good relations are established even with passing tourists.

Pina was delighted by my exhibition, in fact she offered me exhibitions in her gallery. At the moment this project has not materialized, but we are confident of the future and surely our lives will meet again, I feel it!

What we told each other at Road to green 2020

road to green participated in the “Road to green 2020” edition. What did we say to each other and what produced this interesting event?

Waste as a problem or a resource? This is the question at the heart of the Forum The city of the future: Recycle to reduce CO2 emissions, learning to focus on secondary raw materials. At the Road to green event, in collaboration with Unirima, ideas and perspectives of #circulareconomy in Italy.

road to green

An event designed to discuss concrete ideas for the recovery and reuse of waste, with a specific focus on paper.

This was a particular year, which put us to the test, upsetting our normality and bringing with it a strong emotional charge: everything was clearly visible in many of the projects, which looked hungry to a free and sustainable future.

road to green

“There are many people who already have a #green conscience, and are committed to sustainability on a daily basis, but there are many who have not yet understood the importance. It is to them we must speak, trying to raise awareness and provide information ”. This is the thought expressed by Barbara Molinario, President of Road to Green 2020 at “The city of the Future”.

This is the thought of Francesco Sicilia Director of Unirima, speaker at the Forum “The city of the future”: “The challenge for the future is to try to optimize our consumption, not to try to chase ever new energy sources, always maintaining a good quality of life. The system must be based on efficiency, effectiveness and ecology.

While Michela Monaco, clinical psychologist and creator of the Sbottonando brand, speaker at “The city of the Future” states that: “It is nice to see how the personality of the user passes through the use of a material, breaking the rules and creating something new. I often do creative workshops with children, in which I let them express themselves freely, putting different objects at their disposal, without directing them on how they should be used “.

road to green

These are some of the thoughts of the speakers present at the event.

At this contest I talked about my RRXX project, that is the crochet of X-ray plates, a utility model patented at the Bari Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

I didn’t win the contest, which was won by Botai, but #sognandoloscirocco, Ortogiuda-VerticalGreenMidorj won special mentions.


Mine in particular was given to me by Fashion News Magazine Official.

road to green
road to green

I can only be happy with this beautiful experience, even if the emotions prevailed and caused a certain hindrance in my relationship.

Gradually I will learn to manage emotions too, just willpower and a little dedication.

road to green
road to green

I’m on Preziosa Magazine

preziosa magazine

On Preziosa Magazine in the DESIGN section we talk about me!

You can read the full article here:

It often happens to me that good things come unexpectedly, I like to be continually surprised by life and what it has in store for me. This is one of the secrets of happiness and serenity.

One morning I thought of sending the email to Preziosa Magazine to test myself and try to understand how far I can go. I always sent her with the usual enthusiasm that characterizes me, but, precisely, without fantasizing too much about the outcome of my application. I try as much as possible to keep my feet on the ground when taking steps towards my success.

The answer came and even with a certain speed, it was positive, they had taken me. So at that moment I took off: it is pleasant to understand how high you can reach with constant effort, dedication and commitment. I have overcome another obstacle and I am proud of myself and of what I have managed to create and make concrete with my own strength.

I think it is appropriate to make mine the phrase of the great Ezio Bosso: “Do not wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!

Little by little my path is taking shape, I’m not in a hurry, I have a dream to spread in the wind.

In Altaroma contagious jewelry and accessories to exorcise Covid


I am happy to inform you of my participation in the exclusive event in ALTAROMA INTOWN organized by the Association of Precious Talents in collaboration with the Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery.

Here I report one of the many articles published on the event that can be followed on the Altaroma platform today 15 September 2020 .

I participated with a jewel entitled “Projections”.

I expressed the will to project ourselves into the future, free us from negativity, escape from harmful thoughts to the construction of a different future. We take the best of this dark period and try to live with more awareness.

The message is to project ourselves into the future and neutralize harmful thoughts.

I wait for you at 16.00 on the Altaroma platform.