Chinese mithology

chinese mithology

It would seem obvious that, for the realization of a jewel, it is necessary to study, but this time it was not just a question of refining the techniques.

To make this jewel and to participate in this competition, organized by the “Studio Vonmo” in Beijing, I had to get to grips with Chinese mythology and I must say that, although at the beginning I found it difficult to fully understand a new culture, I found it a constructive experience.

It has become part of the “Jewels on display” collection by Sognando lo Scirocco Jewels

Titled “Relations”, here is the synopsis.

Free artistic interpretation of Fu Xi, one of the three mythical Chinese sovereigns, called “The Three Augustus”. Usually Fu Xi is always represented intertwined with the tail of his sister Nuwa, but in this jewel the myth has been revisited: the two brothers are represented entirely in the form of snakes and share a single body, which eventually allows them to intertwine their heads.

Since he was the first Chinese civilizing hero, I thought that the head should be placed in the foreground, intertwined with another head to compare and relate. Relationships, a bridge between the ancient and modern world, between man and contemporary jewelery, between divine and profane.


In 2019, enthusiastic about Chinese culture, the studio Vonmo (Beijing) chooses “Chinese mythology ′ ′ and collects works of contemporary art from all over the world.” I am rather impressed by the artists’ passion for Chinese mythology, this is our honor. From 58 artists at home and abroad (who have presented 156 works in total), the organizing committee of ′ ′ Chinese mythology “has selected 31 artists (with 65 works) to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition will be held in the Beijing space Aotu at the scheduled time. “

Judges: Hongxia Wang Denmark, Kim Buck Denmark, Maria Rosa Franzin Italy, zhào yī Yi Zhao China

Curator: Felicia Li Ying-Chen
zhǔ bàn | Hosted Hosted by the VONMO studio
kāi mù shì | Opening Opening ceremony 15:00 August. 8, 2020
zhǎn lǎn shí jiān | Exhibition Exhibition date August. 8-11, 2020
Exhibition place | add space to knock: No. Beixin Bridge 67, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Aotu Space: No. 67, Beixinqiao Toutiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing


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